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Wilwood Rack and Pinion Steering

If you're doing a rack mount conversion, do it right with Race Shop components

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We use the Wilwood Rack & Pinion for most of our conversions. It is a reproduction of the front steer 1971 - 1972 Pinto Rack and Pinion. This rack is an all new unit that is dimensionally identical to the original Pinto Rack.

Features a chromed center tube and works with our Rack Mount and Tie Rod Kit

Price: $234.95
Technical Drawing

Weight: 9.65 lbs (add .74 lbs for our Billet Rack Mount )

Compare Weights

  • 3rd Gen Nova / 1st Gen Camaro Manual Steering Box w/pitman arm 18.325 lbs
  • Power Steering Box 31 lbs
  • Stock Power Steering Pump 13.5 lbs w/brackets
  • Drag Link 8.51 lbs
  • Idler Arms, 6.2 lbs

Approximate weight savings 22.645 lbs (manual) to 48.82 lbs Power