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Rack & Pinion Tie Rod Kit for Pinto Style Rack

The perfect match for a Pinto or Wilwood Rack and Lemmond's Billet Steering Arms

Rack & Pinion Tie Rod Kit
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This tie tod kit is designed to connect a Wilwood or Pinto Style Rack & Pinion with our Billet Aluminum Steering Arms. The tubing is lightweight 3/4" od steel tubing with a 9/16" id. The kit comes complete with 1/2 rod ends to fit our billet steering arms and are 9.5" long. This kit is designed to be welded to the rack on the rack side of the tie rod.

Threaded (both ends) steel and aluminum versions including custom lengths are available by special order.

Tie Rod Kit $65.00 pair + shipping
Shipped unpainted only.


  • .95 lbs ea. or less after cutting to length, includes heim joint, washers, nut


  • Stock 3rd Gen Nova / 1st Gen Camaro Upper Tie Rods Weigh 5.21 lbs ea

Approximate 8 lbs weight savings compared to stock